Top Activities and Attractions

The Riviera is close to top activities and attractions in Atyrau from shopping mall to supermarkets see full details below. Want more ideas? Our staff is happy to recommend things to do in Atyrau during your stay.

Riviera Park “Minimart” Minimarket

The “Minimart” Minimarket is located on the first floor (next door of the GYM). It has variety of food choices, good meat for barbecuing and firewood. Opening hours: 10AM – 10PM daily

BBQ Zone

BBQ Zone is for your families and friends to the outdoor lawn of Riviera Park Residences

Ural River bank

Ural River bank is great for a outdoor run and is the prime location for festivities.

Victory Park

Victory Park across the road opposite to Riviera, is a great place to walk with the family.

The FoodHome delivery service

The biggest internet-supermarket in Atyrau with delivery of fresh vegetables, fruits and other groceries to home or office. Please type in browser address bar or  click image and place your order. Your order will be delivered to you in some hours and you will be able to enjoy fresh grocery products.